Other Fruits

PEARS: We grow 4 varieties:

Williams: An early pear (late August/early September). Juicy and sweet with a creamy white flesh.

Conference: A major English pear variety, long and thin in shape with a russet skin.

Comice: A French variety with good size and superb flavour.

Beurre Hardy: A medium large light green fruit, tender and juicy with a rosewater flavour. Originated in France(1820).

QUINCES / CRABAPPLES: Excellent flavour for preserves. Quinces available from September

COBNUTS: Kentish cobnuts are a type of hazelnut and are available from September through to December. The nuts are rich in protein and vitamins. They can be eaten fresh with a little salt or can be roasted.

PIPPINS HONEY: We have approximately 30 hives on the farm. The delicious honey produced is also available at the Farm Shop.