Pippins Cider

Pippins Cider

An enthusiastic group of local volunteers have helped to revive Pippins Cider. Using our own apples and traditional techniques we produce a strong medium dry cider (Alc. 8% vol). We have a dedicated cider orchard planted in 2010 with three traditional cider varieties: Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey, and Herefordshire Redstreak. The apples are pressed on the farm in the late autumn, the juice is fermented over the winter months reaching approximately 8% alcohol volume by early spring. The new cider is then filtered and bottled - we have two different products: a still cider in large one litre bottles and a fizzy cider in smaller 330ml bottles.

"3 drinks in 1 bottle" - the best ways to enjoy Pippins Cider:

1. 50/50 mix with lemonade - makes for a refreshing longer drink

2. In a "cider punch" - add juice, lemonade, fruits, spices and even rum

3. Straight out of the bottle - a clear dry drink, excellent with spicy foods

Cider Orchard Planting - 2010